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Our bathroom remodeling services are always customized to make sure the project ends up looking just as you’ve pictured it.

About Affordable R & R and Brad Taylor: Brad Taylor has been a tradesman for over 50 years and is originally from Chicago IL, and trained in the arts of remodeling, in the old school style of Historic Home Building and Restoration. (Therefore, *RESTORATION) “This is not referring to Fire and Water Damage Restoration”. He also had a long and prosperous career in the area of Phoenix Metro, AZ for some twenty years. He has been affiliated, and accredited for some time with the BBB, both in Arizona State and Idaho State now.

He is truly proud to be part of the *Better Business Bureau of Idaho and support their cause. He, or his personal assistant Marisa, will also generally refer to our inquiring customers to local BBB accredited businesses. Please feel free to look us in the *Better Business Bureau INC. website www.bbb.org under Affordable Repair and Restoration Co. for your personal reference, and peace of mind.

IBOL / State Information

Idaho State Contractor Registration, RCT # 29812, Affordable Repair and Restoration Co. is registered as a General Contractor / Remodeler * ID Registration copy on demand * Note : There has been some difficulty with the IBOL/ Idaho Sate Board of Licensing web site, contractor search in the past ,* to get information please call the IBOL directly if you would like to inquire about * Affordable Repair and Restoration Co.‘s registration , and complaint history … at (208) 334-3233 or e-mail contractor inquiries to ibol@ibol.idaho.gov Use Co’s Registration # RCT-29812 for Contractor Identification William B. Taylor / Affordable Repair and Restoration Co.

Contractors Insurance

Affordable R & R , is a fully Insured contractor , the Co’s Insurance Certificate current yearly copies, and information of coverage is stated , is available on demand to all customers for contract consideration . You are able to contact the Co’s current insurer by phone for further verification of coverage.

Customers Reference’s of past work

Affordable R & R generally tries to refer our customers to previous customers with similar work. To provide New Customers with a realistic comparison to work upon consideration. We are proud to give you names and phone numbers, of past customers upon request.* Please give our customers the courtesy of short, discreet inquiries. We value our customers personal privacy at all times, and wish to keep their trust, and respect above all. We always appreciate and value referrals, from past customers as well as repeat customers, always.

About Timely Completion of a Job

For Affordable Repair and Restoration Co. ,All jobs/ contracts are bided and priced based on “estimated”( best case scenario of time of labor )* This dose not include, or mean we will charge a cent extra for time involving completion on any project ,unless we bid by the hour . * Issues may extend our project: “Unforeseen Problems “or circumstances like:

  • • *Weather Interruptions! If it snows, we are not at fault, if it rains, or is unsafely windy for ladder climbing, we are not at fault. NOTE: We put our selves at physical risk daily, but there are limits. If there are angry BEES, or other vermin …. So if we are working on the exterior of the home or property, work may be temporarily stopped due to inclement weather
  • • Unforeseen problems, like* Mechanical Failures of essential power tools, or Work Vehicles, or a Personal Medical Crisis * “We make a “best case scenario time estimate on all projects” but our bid falls clearly in our customers financial favor “always”. (We do not charge for overtime, extra gas spent looking for your materials, etc.). Note! Please be realistic about Nature and Real Life, day to day developments! We are working in the out doors, not a controlled environment (usually). We have to go with the flow, no matter how difficult or project gets, and accept daily challenges. Sometimes we just need to stop and regroup, and make a new plan of action. Often we work around our customers wishes of dates, but often customers have to be flexible with us, to get our services. We try to work as fast as possible, to get on to the next job, and even get paid! (THEREFORE >A given day estimated work of completion is not set in stone/ or a promise /or a deadline). *Days estimated is a calculation of shortest time span to complete a given task and the rate we base our pay.

NOTE**There are no hidden charges in our contracts, or for extra days needed to complete our job. *But there also will not be financial penalties, set on us for these day lost, as in “Commercial Construction “.* we promise to do your job to our fullest professional ability always, and with serious care to each step of our work. Realistically “Quality above all is our concern”. We are a small family run business and “Clearly, we are not running a fast food style business “.

** Most importantly, your home is your most important investment, and proudly, to Affordable Repair and Restoration Co, (End Result Satisfaction) is our primary goal. *Customer satisfaction is our greatest reward and achievement.